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Date Night

So what’s a couple to do when your 3 kids are spending the night with friends??  Date Night, of course!

My husband and I made date night the 15th of every month.  That’s the date we met and the date of our anniversary.  Although there have been months when “date night” didn’t happen for one reason or another, we still try and get a night out (alone) sometime each month.

It’s usually dinner and a movie-I can’t believe how much I love being able to watch a movie that is something WE want to see rather than what our kids want to see.  It makes me appreciate this time so much (and the popcorn is great too!)  Last month my husband received tickets to a Pacer game.  Just not any tickets though.  We had access to a restaurant AND our seats were IN THE FRONT ROW.  Now that’s what I call a great night out!  Plus, the Pacer’s won!!

We have no definite plans yet for tonight  but I am sure we’ll think of something.  I’m looking forward to the time we’ll have to  just talk.  Talk without interruption and talk as long as we want to!  I am sure it won’t take too long before our conversation finds its way to the subject of our kids, but that’s ok.  We’ll probably talk about our upcoming vacation (only 2 weeks away!) and discuss plans for our son’s First Communion and our daughter’s 8th grade graduation. 

It’s a busy time of year for us but I’m thrilled we are still making time for each other!


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