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Thinking of Things

My heart is aching for all the people in Southern Indiana.  Last Friday several tornados made their way through several counties and 13 people were killed.  Our local news has been covering the disaster every day. They bring us stories and pictures that give us a glimpse into their world. I am amazed at the power of Mother Nature.   I am particularly thinking of the baby girl who was ripped from her mother’s arm and found in a field.  She later died in a hospital and joined her mom, dad, and 2 siblings in heaven.  Also for the mother that lost her legs covering her 3 children as the monstrous storm leveled her beautiful home.  Thankfully, her 3 children survived.

I know we see and hear about tornados all the time so I’m not sure, exactly, what has me so upset.  Is it that fact that the storms were in my own state?  Perhaps.  Is it seeing the actual survivors and hearing their tales of the horrific moments as the tornado went through their home?  Maybe.   Or perhaps its how the survivors are dealing with their losses.  We see their bruised bodies laying in the hospital bed and we see pictures of what used to be their homes. Yet the message I get from them is that all those “things” are just that, “things”.  They are thankful to be alive.  It has really made me think about what matters most in  life.

For the past of couple of days, I’ve been taking things a little slower.  Soaking up conversations I have.  Remaining calm during situations that normally get me worked up.  I am relaxing a bit more when I notice my kids’ clothes on the floor-at least we have clothes, and a floor, and a home.


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