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I Am Thankful!

For all of you-

for your support, your ideas, and your love of writing. It inspires me to want to write

I am thankful!


For my family-

For my hubby who gets up early to make lunches just so I can sleep in a few minutes more.

For my kids–they are healthy

For my mom who brings over dinner when I’m out of town so my family can still have a home cooked meal.

I am thankful!


For other things-

For warm baths, a good night’s sleep, and a job of love.

I am thankful!


3 responses to “I Am Thankful!

  1. Dana

    Such a cool idea to do a gratitude every Sunday and what a wonderful list of things to be thankful for.

  2. Michelle ⋅

    So much to be thankful for – thanks for sharing! I, too, am thankful for this wonderful community of writers and warm baths . . . and a good night’s sleep!

  3. I just watched a TED talk today about how keeping a gratitude journal can help rewire your brain to perceive the world in terms of positivity rather than negativity (therefore making you more successful). This is a nice idea!

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