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Sick and Tired-literally

It’s amazing how quickly your day can go from good to bad when you know you are getting sick. Of course it hit Friday night-just in time for the weekend. As with most weekends, we have a lot going on.  Somehow I was able to make it through a 4 hour retreat with one of my sons and my husband but felt a little guilty hoping the time would pass quickly so I could get home and rest.

And here I am, gathering some strength once more, to be sure I make a post and keep up with the challenge!

I won’t say much this evening but want to be sure to let anyone reading this blog know that I am starting to get into the routine of daily writing after only 3 days!   I think about the challenge several times a day.  It’s like a voice is saying, “Don’t forget to blog today!”

I hope this feeling continues and the achy feeling goes away…..soon!  Here’s to tomorrow and to writing and to feeling better.

Good night!


5 responses to “Sick and Tired-literally

  1. Theresa A

    Rest and feel better. I thought I remember some magic number to repeat an action before in becomes habit…10 times perhaps. Not sure if that’s right. It may be more. Anyway, good luck!

  2. the other ruth ⋅

    Oh no! I know what it’s like to be sick during the challenge (happened to me last year on my first time trying it), but hang in there! We’re here waiting to read and are hoping you feel better soon.
    If you are reading this, go to bed and rest!

  3. Feel better, that was me last night. I’m still feeling under the weather today, and I know it is hard to write when you don’t feel good and it takes a bit to get into the daily routine of writing. I wish you luck to stick with the challenge.

    It helps me to write things down on paper when I think of it earlier in the day or I am away from the computer so I can blog about it later! 🙂

  4. elsie

    I hope the new day dawns bright for you and the aches, pains, fever have left. It’s amazing what can happen in just three days. Rest up, there are many days ahead.

  5. jen

    YUCK-EEEE! I hope you wake up feeling better. I hope that tomorrow’s post shares the joys of feeling better. Congratulations on getting sucked in to daily writing! 🙂 It will change your life – in a good way – forever! 🙂 Welcome aboard!!

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